Alena Kharoshka

Alena-KharoshkaAlena Kharoshka
Class of 2010
B/E Aerospace
Internship: B/E Aerospace

By the end of her first year in the UNCG MBA program, Alena Kharoshka knew where she was going to be working when she graduated. She had just completed her summer internship with B/E Aerospace when they asked her how soon she could start working for them full-time. They had to settle for 20 hours a week until she completed her UNCG MBA, but since graduating in 2010, Alena has served as one of the youngest managers for the leading provider of aircraft seating.

“I wanted to experience graduate studies in the United States. The education system in the U.S. is very different from my country where it is extremely structured and there are over 100 students per class with nothing but lectures and final exams that count for one-hundred percent of the final grade. I had never worked on a team project until I joined the Bryan MBA. During my first week of classes in the Bryan MBA program I remember looking at the syllabi for my courses and thinking it would be impossible to complete all the assignments, but through team work and the openness and willingness of the professors to help us learn, the Bryan MBA has been a very awarding experience.”

Alena is a Bryan Scholar and has worked as a teaching assistant for the Bryan School. “Alena is an incredibly kind and positive person and an academic superstar! It was a joy and honor to get to work with her,” says Professor Eloise Hassell, who teaches business law at the Bryan School and had Alena as a teaching assistant during Alena’s first year in the program.