Allison Weeks

AllisonWeeksAlison Weeks
Class of 2012
Industrial Distribution Group

Alison Weeks joined the UNCG MBA Day program after completing a Bachelor in Science in Marketing at UNCG. During her time in the program, she worked in an internship at the Nussbaum Center helping local businesses develop their marketing efforts. Upon graduating, Alison accepted a position as a Buyer, which will allow her to utilize the knowledge and skills she gained in the UNCG MBA program.

How did you discover the UNCG MBA and why did you decide to come to UNCG to pursue your MBA?

I went to UNCG as an undergrad, but started in Social Work. After realizing I would not be able to separate work life from home life, I moved over to the Bryan School to pursue marketing. I really enjoyed my experience in undergrad and felt like this would be a great place to complete my education.

For your professional development, how important were the opportunities to gain practical experience while you were in the program (for example, the internship program & the consulting project)?

The internship was extremely beneficial, as I was able to experience real world situations while learning the textbook theories. I could bring my work experiences into the classroom and understand the concepts more thoroughly. The capstone project allowed me to finally implement all of the lessons I learned over the past three semesters into a strategy for a medium-sized business. It was fun seeing how all of the courses fit into this project.

What did you enjoy most about the UNCG MBA experience? What did you feel were the strengths of the program?

I really liked how the curriculum was set up and how each course played off the previous one. We were given a solid foundation in our first year that we were able to build off during our second year.

Looking back on the program & its cost, as an alumnus do you feel that your UNCG MBA was a good investment?

The Bryan MBA is one of the most inexpensive programs in North Carolina, yet we get a solid education. I know coming out the program, I am prepared to take on any task in my new job.

What advice do you have for a new student entering the program?

Get an internship right away, especially if you do not have much past work experience. It will really help you understand classroom concepts if you have something to compare it to.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

I enjoy running, playing with my 19-month-old nephew, DIY crafts, cooking, and reading.