Heather Showstead

Heather-ShowsteadHeather Showstead
Class of 2009
Beacon Technologies
Web Marketing Consultant

Heather completed her UNCG MBA in 2009. Heather was part of the evening program and worked full time while earning her UNCG MBA. During her time in the program, Heather took advantage of the Experience Business Abroad program twice and was able to learn about business and culture in both Brazil and Germany.

How did you discover the UNCG MBA and why did you decide to come to UNCG to pursue your MBA?

I had attended UNCG for my undergraduate degree in Business Administration. I still lived in the area and had enjoyed my experience as an undergraduate.

For your professional development, how important were the opportunities to gain practical experience while you were in the program (for example, the internship program & the consulting project)?

Since I was already employed full time and had been for a few years, it was not as important to me as I’m sure it would be to those in the day program. However, I believe any opportunity to gain more real world experience is valuable. I would have taken advantage of a consulting project for sure.

What did you enjoy most about the UNCG MBA experience? What did you feel were the strengths of the program?

I enjoyed the people most. Both the professors and the other members of my class were all experienced and wonderful people with whom I formed lasting friendships and valuable professional connections. Secondly, the study abroad opportunities were amazing. I did not get the chance to participate in something like that as an undergrad so I greatly appreciated the experiences.

Looking back on the program & its cost, as an alumnus do you feel that your UNCG MBA was a good investment?

UNCG has an incredibly reasonable cost. I feel like it was worth the investment.

What advice do you have for a new student entering the program?

Make a plan and know what you want from the program. You can’t just expect any MBA program to simply give you what you need. Everyone is different. Connect with others.