Lori Hutcherson

Lori-HutchersonLori Hutcherson
Class of 2012
Leadership Development Program Associate

Lori Hutcherson came to the UNCG MBA full-time program from Virginia Polytechnic and State University where she majored in Human Resources and Marketing. After graduating from Virginia Tech, she worked as a Human Resources Manager for Lowe’s Hardware. Lori completed her internship portion of the UNCG MBA with the Small Business & Technology Development Center where she served as a Business Consultant for two local companies.

How did you discover the UNCG MBA and why did you decide to come to UNCG to pursue your MBA?

Beginning early on in my MBA search, I knew the Bryan MBA was the best fit for me. Not only was the location of Greensboro, NC appealing due to the amount of large employers in the area, but also the close nit community of the Bryan School attracted me to UNCG. The Bryan MBA has allowed me to have all of the resources of a large university, while at the same time having close interaction with my professors, my advisors, and fellow students.

For your professional development, how important were the opportunities to gain practical experience while you were in the program (for example, the internship program & the consulting project)?

While in the MBA program, I had the opportunity to pursue an internship with the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC). This internship opportunity allowed me to expand upon classroom knowledge such as writing a marketing plan, writing a grant, and practicing public speaking skills. This internship challenged me, and has further expanded upon my preparedness to go into the workforce following graduation.

What did you enjoy most about the UNCG MBA experience? What did you feel were the strengths of the program?

The personal approach of the Bryan MBA was my favorite part of the program. Professors are more than willing to assist students outside of class, and they get to know each student individually. Current and former students are also active in helping each other as the need arises. The Bryan MBA feels more like a family than just a school!

Looking back on the program & its cost, as an alumnus do you feel that your UNCG MBA was a good investment?

The Bryan MBA is a tremendous value for the education received. Students learn practical and technical skills while in the program and the price of tuition is excellent for the skills learned. My investment in getting my Bryan MBA is well worth the costs.

What advice do you have for a new student entering the program?

For new students entering the program it is important to realize that your success is in large part up to you. Take opportunities to network and gain skills that you may not already possess such as public speaking skills. Also take time to get to know your classmates. The diversity in the Bryan MBA program is unique, and is something that will help you in the future by learning from students from a variety of backgrounds.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy attending sporting events such as football and basketball games. I also enjoy trying out new restaurants in Greensboro with friends!