Nathan Lynch

NathanLynch Nathan Lynch
Class of 2009
LabCorp, Greensboro, NC
Project Analyst
Internships: Business Analyst, BMW Manufacturing, Greenville, SC; Operations/Supply Chain Intern at B/E Aerospace, Winston-Salem, NC

Immediately after completing the first-year final exams, Nathan Lynch started an internship with the only BMW factory in the United States. Nathan worked in the areas of technology and business communications where his principal responsibility was writing business cases for BMW executives on the feasibility of integrating latest technologies into new models of BMW automobiles.

After completing his bachelor’s degree at UNCG in 2004, Nathan worked for three years before deciding to come back to school to pursue his UNCG MBA as a full-time student. Despite receiving offers from top-ranked MBA programs in the Northeast, Nathan decided to stay home to pursue his UNCG MBA. “As far as the curriculum was concerned, the other MBA programs were not offering anything that I could not get from the Bryan MBA.”

Nathan now works for LabCorp, one of the largest providers of medical laboratory tests and services in the country.