Parina Muni

ParinaMuniParina Muni
Class of 2003
Circuit Sage
Web Director

Parina Muni is the web director of Circuit Sage in Southern California where she directs the development of web sites, online advertising and other web-based marketing technologies. In this role, Parina recruits, trains, and leads project teams. Her company has received numerous awards for their work in web site design.

While working on her UNCG MBA, Parina worked on-campus as the marketing coordinator for the University’s Multicultural Center. Shortly after completing her UNCG MBA, Parina moved to Southern California where she joined Magic Technologies as a project manager. After two years, she was promoted to director of operations and controller. In this role, Parina oversaw the marketing, finance, and daily operations of the company.

Before moving to the U.S. from India to pursue her UNCG MBA, Parina earned her bachelor’s in architecture with a specialization in interior design and she founded a successful architectural firm with a staff of eighteen employees.

“I found UNCG and the Bryan MBA to be very international and multicultural. All the team projects have proven to be very useful to me in my current position where I regularly lead project teams that include people from Europe, Asia, and Latin America.”