Program Directory

A graduate-level MBA program is only as strong as its academic leaders. At the Bryan School, we’re pleased to list the following outstanding scholars, business professionals and independent thinkers as our experienced, highly decorated faculty.



  • Stuart Allen
    PhD, University of Virginia
    Specialization: Economics
  • Stephen Layson
    PhD, University of Chicago
    Specialization: Economic analysis, microeconomics

Finance and Accounting

  • William O. Brown Jr.
    PhD, Clemson University
    Specialization: Corporate finance, investments and portfolio theory, industrial organization, banking
  • Tuisha Fernandes Administrative Director, Graduate Programs
    MBA, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Specialization: Financial accounting
  • J. William Harden
    PhD, University of Kentucky
    Specialization: Taxation, financial accounting and reporting, managerial accounting
  • Melissa Hershberger
    MBA, Duke University
    Specialization: Business and economic valuations, insurance rate formulation
  • Dr. Irfan Safdar
    PhD, Texas A&M University
    Specialization: Financial analysis, valuation and quantitative methods
  • David Upton
    PhD, Indiana University
    Specialization: Managerial accounting, cost accounting
  • Daniel Winkler
    PhD, University of South Carolina
    Specialization: Capital markets, corporate finance, real estate finance

General Management

  • Moses Acquaah
    PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Specialization: Corporate strategy, management of innovation and technology
  • Joseph Erba
    MBA, Babson College
    Specialization: Corporate and small business entrepreneurship, business strategy
  • Mark Hagenbuch
    MBA, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Specialization: Consulting, small business, entrepreneurship
  • John Neufeld
    PhD, University of Michigan
    Specialization: Business statistics
  • Dianne Welsh
    PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Specialization: Entrepreneurship, family business, organizational development, labor relations

Human Resources & Organizational Behavior

  • Holly Buttner
    PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Specialization: Managerial assessment and development, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, women’s transition from corporate management to entrepreneurship
  • Dianne Garrett
    MA, Seton Hall University
    Specialization: Strategic communication, leadership
  • Vas Taras
    Ph.D, University of Calgary
    Specialization: Cross-cultural team / workgroup management, diversity management, culture and acculturation studies, quantitative research
  • William Tullar
    PhD, University of Rochester
    Specialization: Russian and Eastern European management, human resources management, self efficacy in organizational change

Information Technology

  • John Eatman
    PhD, University of South Carolina
    Specialization: Information systems development, decision support systems, information systems management, information technology management, telecommunications
  • Lakshmi Iyer
    PhD, University of Georgia
    Specialization: Electronic commerce, decision support systems, knowledge management, data mining, cluster analysis
  • Hamid Nemati
    PhD, University of Georgia
    Specialization: Data mining, decision support systems, knowledge management
  • Prashant Palvia
    MBA, PhD, University of Minnesota
    Specialization: Global information technology, electronic commerce, decision support systems, strategic information systems, database design, software engineering
  • Rahul Singh
    PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
    Specialization: Systems security, systems analysis and design, systems development, decision support systems, electronic commerce

International Business

  • Riikka Sarala
    PhD, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration
    Specialization: International management, international mergers and acquisitions


  • Lew G. Brown
    PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Specialization: Marketing management, marketing strategy
  • Merlyn A. Griffiths
    PhD, University of California Irvine
    Specialization: Consumer behavior
  • Nir Kshetri
    PhD, University of Rhode Island
    Specialization: Strategic marketing management

Operations & Supply Chain

  • Kwasi Amoako-Gyampah
    PhD, University of Cincinnati
    Specialization: Management of advanced technology and innovation, systems implementation, materials management, project management, management science, world-class manufacturing
  • Joyendu Bhadury
    PhD, University of Texas at Dallas
    Specialization: Operations, supply chain management, management science
  • Vidyaranya Gargeya
    PhD, Georgia State University
    Specialization: Global operations strategy, total quality management and continuous improvement, supply chain management, customer relationship management, performance measurement
  • Larry Taube
    PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Specialization: Material requirements planning, just-in-time implementations, group technology, material management



tuisha_fernandesMs. Tuisha Fernandes
Administrative Director, Graduate Programs


sam_bardarikMs. Samantha Bardarik
Program Manager


no_imageMs. Emily Christiansen
Student Services Manager


no_imageMr. Joshua Peterson
Graduate Assistant


no_imageMs. Alexandra Worsham
Graduate Assistant


no_imageMs. Bianca Famimiko
Student Assistant


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