UNCG MBA Advantage

Why are people who are determined to accelerate their careers choosing UNCG for their MBA?

Our focus is on creating exceptional problem solvers, a skill always in demand.

The job market goes up and down, and business is about change. But one constant is the value employers place on exceptional problems solvers. The ability to identify and solve business problems makes our graduates valuable in many industries and over the life of their careers.

Our track record for salary increases and our job placement rate — at less than half the cost of the average U.S. MBA — delivers an impressive return on your investment.

Cost-benefit analysis is fundamental to good business decisions. Why not apply that to choosing an MBA program? The UNCG MBA costs less than half the average U.S. MBA program. And our programs report high job placement rates after graduation, very high placement in one’s field of choice, and impressive salary increases. Low cost and high return make the UNCG MBA a smart business decision.

Our challenging program is ranked 13th nationally by Bloomberg Businessweek.

We’re ranked #4 among public universities. That means we’ve got challenging programs taught by respected faculty that will enable you to immediately add value on the job. But don’t just take our word for it. Bloomberg Businessweek, U.S. News and World Report and The Princeton Review all agree with us.

You’ll learn to solve problems innovatively, globally, sustainably and ethically.

Our curriculum is infused with a global perspective and offers first-hand global experiences through consulting projects with international businesses and a required Global Business in Practice course. You’ll learn how domestic and international companies tackle real-world issues of ethics, innovation and sustainability.

Real-world training teaches you to solve real-world problems.

Our programs are anchored by challenging, rich classroom learning. But we ground that learning with practical, hands-on experiences through internships, a capstone consulting project and the ability to apply lessons you’ve learned to your job the very next day.

Our robust alumni network and our Bryan Career Services team provide you with helpful connections that can open doors.

Relationships are a key part of career success. So not only will a UNCG MBA prepare you for the job market, it will also open the door to one of North Carolina’s oldest and largest MBA alumni networks. Our graduates work in corporations and non-profits around the world — many in senior positions. It’s a chance to open doors to new jobs and new career opportunities.