Raj Srikantan

Raj-SrikantanRaj Srikantan
Class of 2001
Self Employed
Life Coach in Orlando, FL
Internship: Center for Creative Leadership

As the Senior Manager of Resort Finance, Raj Srikantan manages a team of analysts who perform the financial evaluations for Marriott time share projects. With the price tag for most projects running between $300 and $500 million, Raj works closely with the CFO and CEO to gain capital approval for new Marriott properties being built overseas.

“When I started looking into MBA programs, I applied and was accepted to some top programs, but then a friend who was living in Raleigh recommended the Bryan MBA to me. I did some research and came to the conclusion that the major difference between the Bryan MBA and the big MBA programs was not the quality of the faculty and curriculum but the cost. I was looking at accumulating a six figure debt in other programs. At UNCG I received a tuition waiver and graduate assistantship and was able to graduate relatively debt free.”

During his two years in the UNCG MBA, Raj completed a full-time, summer internship with the Center for Creative Leadership, was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, and was awarded the Bryan Academic Excellence Medal for his performance in the program.

“Having worked with colleagues from top MBA programs, I feel very confident in saying that my Bryan MBA has given me the skills to compete against anyone. The Bryan MBA was full of intense, real-time case studies that I still reference today and two of my best assets, quantitative analysis and project management, were developed in the Bryan MBA.”