Susan Galiano

Susan-GalianoSusan Galiano
Class of 2012
Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
Operational Planning Analyst

Susan Galiano completed her MBA from the Bryan School of Business and Economics in 2012. Susan was part of the full-time Day MBA program at UNCG. During her time in the MBA program, Susan completed a Co-op program with Syngenta Seeds, Inc. Prior to the MBA program, Susan obtained a Master in Science in Psychology from the University of Florida.

How did you discover the UNCG MBA and why did you decide to come to UNCG to pursue your MBA?

After several people had told me what a great program the Bryan MBA was, I attended some information sessions and was impressed. The program boasts of knowledgeable and experienced professors and student-focused career assistance, including recruitment from global and local businesses.

For your professional development, how important were the opportunities to gain practical experience while you were in the program (for example, the internship program & the consulting project)?

The internship program, Capstone Consulting Project, and company visits all provided practical and applicable experiences that are impossible to convey in the classroom alone. The wide breadth of practice offered by these programs truly provided all-around training for the corporate world.

What did you enjoy most about the UNCG MBA experience? What did you feel were the strengths of the program?

Professors truly care about their students, and help students understand the real meaning behind why things are done, why things should be done differently, and how to make those changes in the corporate world. These insights have truly been the best part of my experience. The strengths of the program itself include a cohort experience, which engenders teamwork, opportunities for extra-academic experiences including leadership, consulting, and internship experiences, and a focus toward continuous improvement.

Looking back on the program & its cost, as an alumnus do you feel that your UNCG MBA was a good investment?

The Bryan MBA was a great investment!

What advice do you have for a new student entering the program?

Ask questions, don’t take anything for granted, take advantage of new experiences, and take the initiative! Coming from the working world back to school, it was amazing to realize how many things are available through school, particularly networking opportunities. In addition, networking opportunities aren’t only available through your career advisor and the MBA office, but also through your classes, your professors and mentor(s), and even through your own classmates. Take advantage of the information sessions for all companies, and your professors’ time. The professors in the Bryan school are extremely available, so take advantage of their wealth of knowledge.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

I love to work in my garden while listening to music, and to discuss life with my husband.