Tim Emery

Tim-EmeryTim Emery
Class of 1991
Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Site General Manager

Tim Emery completed his UNCG MBA in 1991. Tim was part of the evening program and worked full time while earning his UNCG MBA. Since completing the program, Tim has been successful in positions both domestically and internationally.

How did you discover the UNCG MBA and why did you decide to come to UNCG to pursue your MBA?

Back in 1988 the Bryan MBA was the only program reasonably close to the RTP area which offered an evening MBA. At the time I was working for a robotics company in Cary and Dr. Lew Brown was consulting with us and he encouraged me to consider UNCG. Afterward I figured out that my evening MBA cost me 1,000 miles per credit hour, but it was certainly worth it.

What did you enjoy most about the UNCG MBA experience? What did you feel were the strengths of the program?

The rich reserve of professional experience in the class room significantly enhanced the discussions and the professors were open to interlacing the student’s experiences into the material. This brought real time relevance to the material in class and significantly enhanced the learning experience.

Looking back on the program and its cost, as an alumnus do you feel that your UNCG MBA was a good investment?

The Bryan School was a great value and it has provided me with a great spring board into developing international business for a number of semiconductor companies over the past 20 years.

What advice do you have for a new student entering the program?

Form study groups early in the first year and strive to move together through the sequences of courses. In addition to forming lasting friendships, there is an opportunity to build lifelong professional relationships which can be of great utility throughout your career.