Tom Bundros

TomBundrosTom Bundros
Class of 1980
Colonial Pipeline Company
Chief Financial Officer

With over thirty years of experience in the Energy/Utility industry, and currently the CFO of Colonial Pipeline Company, Tom Bundros is a sterling example of the success one can achieve with a UNCG MBA.

“I still make use, every day, of the concepts and applications I learned while in the Bryan MBA program. It is not just knowing how to do a marginal analysis or a cost/benefit analysis based on a formula, in the Bryan MBA program you learn how to reach beyond the formulas and apply the concepts to improve your business. The Bryan MBA helped to focus those skills, allowed me to discover my passion for finance, and taught me techniques that have guided me throughout my career.”

After graduating with his UNCG MBA, Tom worked as a financial analyst with Conoco for four years. He then joined The Southern Company, an energy utility with operations throughout the South. During his twelve years with The Southern Company, Tom rose to the position of marketing specialist within the firm’s Finance function. In 1997, Tom joined Dalton Utilities and rose to Chief Financial Officer, managing assets totaling over a billion dollars.